“Here’s some film, roll it into a small canister and do it in the dark.  Take that canister of film and load it into this clunky, manual camera.  Go take photos.  Develop that film in another canister, again in the dark.  Now take your images, into that darkroom and expose light through the film onto paper.  Then put that paper in a solution and…wow!  A photograph!”

At age 14, that was pretty much how my introduction to photography went, and I loved it!  Many things have changed over the years, however the principles will always remain the same.  Even before my formal introduction of photography, I think I have always looked at things in a photographic manner.  How light changes the look and feel of a subject.  How the composition attracts my eyes.  With or without a camera in hands, I am always taking photographs.  Trait? Obsession? Either way, this is why my passion for the art of photography has remained strong for 25 years!

I live and work in the Sierra Foothills of beautiful Northern California.  I specialize in lifestyle and portrait photography.  I work with individuals of all ages, families, couples, and small businesses.  Meeting these people and getting to know them as much as I can on personal level truly aids in the finished product and is an honorable part of my job.  I strive to create emotion, capture character, and tell ones’ story with my photographs.


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